Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prescription for Environmental Responsibility

Do you have unused or expired prescription medication you want to get rid of? Don't throw it in the trash or flush it down the toilet! When you do that, the medication can get into the environment and be toxic to wildlife, or even get into drinking water. For example, estrogen-mimicking compounds found in prescription drugs have been found in Florida lakes. The male alligators and fish in these lakes have been found to have poorly and incorrectly developed reproductive systems.
There are better ways to get rid of your medications. The best way is to call your pharmacy and ask if they have a take-back program. You just return the medicine to the pharmacy and it will be disposed of in an environmentally sound way. If you can not find a take-back program in your area, there is a more environmentally friendly way you can dispose of your medications in the trash. Empty the bottle into a seal-able plastic bag and add coffee grounds, kitty litter, or sawdust. Make sure the pills are well mixed into the material, and throw the bag in the trash. You can even double bag in case the first one breaks.
Also, make sure to take all labels off the bottle before you recycle it... you don't want anyone getting your personal information.

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